Free white paper: Prism-based line scan cameras vs. single-sensor multi-line cameras for color and multi-spectral imaging

Learn how to select the right line scan camera technology for high-speed industrial production applications requiring color or multi-spectral imaging, through a comparison of single sensor multi-line cameras to multi-sensor prism-based line scan cameras.


Download the white paper and discover:

  • The overall landscape of line scan applications and the latest technological approaches used by single-sensor multi-line cameras and prism-based line scan cameras
  • What types of applications are most challenging to single-sensor multi-line cameras when it comes to maintaining required image quality
  • How prism-based multi-sensor technology can be applied to address specific issues common to high-speed line scan applications 

If you are also interested in the basics of prism technology for area scan cameras, click here to request a free white paper on that subject.