Select the right line scan camera technology

Discover the differences between single sensor multi-line cameras and multi-sensor prism-based line scan cameras

The selection of camera technology is determined largely by the requirements of a machine vision application. Line scan cameras have traditionally been chosen for applications requiring high speed. 

In this whitepaper, we explain how to select the right line scan camera technology for your high-speed, industrial production applications, requiring color or multi-spectral imaging. We do this through a comparison of single sensor multi-line cameras to multi-sensor prism-based line scan cameras.

Download the white paper and discover:

  • The overall landscape of line scan applications and the latest technological approaches used by single-sensor multi-line cameras and  line scan cameras
  • What types of applications are most challenging to single-sensor multi-line cameras when it comes to maintaining required image quality
  • How prism-based multi-sensor technology can be applied to address specific issues common to high-speed line scan applications